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Optimizing the mother-daughter relationship

I've just finished listening to this podcast and I am impressed! I shouldn't be surprised, since i already know Carin to be a woman of exceptional wisdom, insight and especially compassion. All three of these come shining through in this Podcast. As a man, I wasn't sure how this topic would relate to me. As a psychologist, I was interested anyhow! And what I learned went far beyond the topic of the mother-daughter relationship. These are fundamental life lessons we all can benefit from. Kudos, Carin, for the wonderful work you are doing!

Integration of the best self-growth tools

Carin's work shares a lifetime of personal experience, meaning-making, academic thought & spiritual attunement. She allows us to benefit from this gorgeous integration of understanding by making it accessable to all. Her generosity helps us to connect deeply with ourselves & each other, reminding us we are not alone on our journey. She is a true Sage. What a gift.

I love your ministry!

Hello Carin, great episode! Wow, 50th anniversary is so huge. I'm so glad I found you. Following you have kept me consistent with living intentionally. I often pride myself on inspiring others, and motovating those around me, and with my nee finding of you, you have been a tremendous blessing to my life. All of the points you mention on the 50th episode were amazing, but there were a few that really stood out to me. #8 (going to playground and swing on the swings) was my all time favorite! I've been doing this for so long and you're right, letting that inner child come out and play is so detrimental to living a healthy life. #21.. bragging about yourself. Hard to do but very important. #12..moving your body. I particularly love this one because, I love to dance;however I know that I often hold back from letting myself completely go. I am going to work hard at accomplishing this task. So I say all that to say, thank you. As #39 would have us do is to list 10 people you're grateful for, You Carin are in my 10. Thank you for being you, for loving what you do, for inspiring us, and for being intentional about building sisterhood around the world.

Empowering women to live their purpose with courage, joy, and fierce self-love.

A wonderful, powerful message about what women can do when they believe in themselves and in living life to its fullest.


This show has made me look forward to waking up and listening too it! I have had a tough time in life right now, and this podcast has helped me so much!!

Carin is real and relatable

I love listening to The PurposeGirl Podcast! I’m a busy professional with 4 kids and a full life. I listen on my drive to or from work and it is so much fun! I love how real and relatable Carin is, plus, she gives helpful tips and tools to get the most out of my life.

Wow oh wow

Stumbled upon this and decided to listen to the top favorite episodes to get a feel for it and only needed to listen to the first one to know it’s everything I needed! I cried I screamed I laughed with joy!!! Can’t wait to continue this journey. Excuse me while I binge

The positive spark I often need!!!

Carin’s overall energy and zest for life are contagious!!! Her ability to be real about life’s struggles make her so relatable and genuine.

I love this Podcast!

I found this podcast when feeling like I wanted more in life. Something just felt empty and a bit off. Since listening, Carin and the PurposeGirl Podcast have given me new life. Carin uplifts, inspires and motivates me. She has shown me how to live my purpose, how to be happier and how to feel fully alive! Listen to the PurposeGirl Podcast - you will not regret it!

Refreshing and upbeat

I stumbled across this podcast while looking for something new to listen to while training for an ultra marathon. I found it to be upbeat but calming, a refreshing change after trying some that were soooo boring. Carin seemed very genuine and said several things that really resonated with me as I’d been pushing through some injuries. Her advice to focus on how I CAN do something rather than the reasons I CAN’T sounds simple, but really struck a chord. I’ll keep listening!

An inspirational learning experience!

I always look forward to Carin’s podcast episodes. Whether she’s sharing her practical and grounded advice for uncovering your life’s purpose, or interviewing an amazing guest about their experience with finding purpose, Carin’s podcast episodes are always great opportunities to learn new things about the science of happiness and how to change your life for the better. I love her conversational style and openness to share her experiences and expertise — she is relatable and real, and so much fun to listen to! -C. Kiel

Wonderful Person

I have had the fortunate opportunity to spend time with Carin. She is a wonderful, caring person that exudes positive energy. I always feel happy and at ease when I am around her.

Loving this!!

Carin, you continue to be an inspiration to me on a daily basis. I love following your podcast and your Instagram account too! I'm so grateful to have found you almost 1 year ago. Thank you for spreading your message to us women - there's nothing we need more then sisterhood and self love too. Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing all the goods with us. So much love to you.

Finding My Purpose!

From the moment I first heard Carin's voice, I knew this woman did a lot more than talk to the talk! She shares her own personal struggles and brings other people and resources in to help empower women to stand up for theirselves, teaches women how to build their own toolbox of resources, and helps women realize we are not alone. When I started listening to Carin's podcasts, I was feeling so alone and pessimistic and believed that "this is just as good as it gets" for me and decided this was how my story was supposed to be. Carin made me realize that I am not alone, there are women all over the world that feel "stuck" just like I do. Her wisdom and message has allowed me to begin transforming my life into exactly what I want it to be! I am forever changed by Carin Rockind's message!


Listeing to The PurposeGirl Podcast is the high light of my day. Carin is so inspiring and motivating. Thank you, Carin, for living out your purpose and inspiring others to do the same!


You won’t ever find a more passionate woman who wants ALL women to uncover their purpose! She’s everything you never knew you needed. I have worked with Carin on several occasions and she has some great insight and contagious positive spirit.


Love is what I feel when I listen to this podcast! I went to goddess girls retreat and was amazed by how genuine she is! Carin is just such a strong, calming presence and I just love this podcast!

On Purpose

Don’t hesitate to follow Carin!!! She is inspiring... transparent, a realist!! As a student of hers in Positive Psychology, she brings energy to the table.. invites and encourages you to be the best that you can be..listen to her, be a student of hers.. or if she has space let her be YOUR coach!! I am thrilled to say I know and adore her! CAPP 67.1

Good Stuff

It’s important to talk about these issues. Great content!


I absolutely loved the episode on women uplifting other women! So many amazing insights. Will be sharing widely :)

Women Uplifting Other Women

This is a podcast that will inspire women to uplift other women in new, purposeful ways. So important!

Truly a gift!

Thank you for the inspiring and uplifting work you do for women! Your podcast is a gift to us all!

Researched Based / Brain Science

Carin is spot on with her research on happiness and meaning in life. I am so glad I found her work. Well informed, inspiring, authentic.

Love this podcast to keep my vibe high!

This podcast is like an espresso shot of empowerment and confidence. It’s like putting on my energetic feminine warpaint to continue my quest for a fulfilling and purpose filled life! Thanks Carin, for bringing this content to us.

I am so glad I found this podcast!

Carin has created a safe space for us, as women, to talk about things that are real. It is a place for us to uplift each other and to be reminded of what really matters. It is also a place for us to feel connected with each other, as it should be, instead of putting each other down. Thank you, Carin for creating this space for us!

Carin is AMAZING!

I’ve had the AMAZING experience of working with Carin one on one and in a group. What she did for me was nothing other than life changing and enhancing; both personally and professionally. I strongly recommend her podcasts, coaching, and groups. She is as brilliant as she is passionate, about her work, and about empowering women! GO CARIN!

Loved it!

Found Carin on Taylor Strecker show and love this pod cast. Looking forward to catching up!

Great podcast!

Thank you Carin for sharing your light! You’re such an encouragement.

So excited Carin’s message is now in Podcast form!!

I heard Carin speak on Taylor’s radio show 2 years ago & was hooked!! She is authentic, relatable & understands the struggles we go through. She is positive, but without all the fluff & mantras. Carin gives real attainable advice. Thanks for motivating me to continue on my path :))

Playful and Motivational

Carin is a gifted motivational speaker. Listening to her podcast uplifts me and speaks to me as if she was talking to me in my living room. She really cares about people and has an authentic way to connect me to my best self. I look forward to more episodes of the Purpose Girl Podcast.