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Hey girl Hey

Love this story 💛💛💛Thank you for sharing Congrats on the new baby

Truly What I Needed

Carin and her mission are everything I’ve been looking for. I feel so blessed to have stumbled across her work.

Grateful for the Positivity

The moment I came across this podcast I was hopeful. I didn’t listen in order as I was having a really hard time believing in myself. I listened to conquering self doubt. As I drove in my car listening to the words I felt this overwhelming sense of calmness. I started to feel I can do this ! I am a rockstar mom I am a rockstar wife I am a rockstar !!! I have a bachelors in psychology the terminology and basic verbiage triggers my education. I started to make a mental list of my purpose to be a purpose girl. I’ve shared this episode as I know the intense positivity will help those who listen.

Click it. Listen to it. Let it change you.

I listen to this on my 3 mile walks and it’s the perfect length to listen to one episode! I am encouraged and I leave feeling so empowered. I want to know Carin and be her bestie!

Fantastic show!

A wonderful show for finding more passion and purpose in your life! Love Carin and the guests she brings on.


This has opened up a new dialogue in the way I go about my daily routine.

Carin is awesome

Great podcast and host. Carin’s topics and relevant and relatable.

Positivity and my life

This pod cast has changed my life. Thank you !!!!!!!!!

Real and relevant

From the first words Carin spoke, I felt connected to her. It felt like I was sitting down over a cup of coffee with a friend. The best description is REAL. Carin brings real and relevant issues that women and girls are dealing with in real life. She drew in my heart immediately with her stories and with her energy. Excellent show!

I’m hooked

Carin’s voice is heavenly.

This is exactly what I need

I just found Carin’s podcast and now I am going back to listen to all of them and I just LOVE her message it makes me feel empowered and strong and I’m learning so much

Inspiring and empowering!

Wow! I am so thankful I found this podcast as I was looking for a something new. Carin is relatable and empowering and truly cares about the individual listening to the podcast. Can’t wait to continue to listen!

This podcast has been such a blessing!

I randomly found this podcast as I was getting ready to go on my daily walk and I am so glad I did! I love Carin’s energy, realness and knowledge. Every time I listen to an episode I feel encouraged and feel like I can walk with practical tips I can apply in my life. As Psychology student (10 yrs. after being a stay at home mom) I love all the scientific facts, but most importantly I love how she implements her knowledge in a very practical way.

I can’t thank Carin enough

I’ve had the privilege of working with Carin as I transitioned between careers, it was an amazing experience; listening to this podcast I felt we were together again having an intimate conversation! Her energy is so much needed in the world especially now, I hope you find her an inspiration as I have!

So much love for this podcast!

Carin is such an amazing interviewer and a burst of positivity! The subjects discussed are extremely interesting, encouraging, and full of so much emotion. Could not recommend more - has become one of my favorite podcasts to listen to!

I didn’t know I needed this, can’t live without

Wow! I wish I would have found Carin sooner! I’ve struggled with low confidence, horrid body image and fear. After hearing Carin at Amazon’s women’s day event I was HOOKED!! After just a month, I’ve made huge strides in areas of my life I couldn’t even imagine! I still have growing to do but I’m on my way to my best life. I AM a goddess!! Anyone who has imposter syndrome, hates what they see in the mirror, nitpicks their body, under sells their true value in any aspect of life, etc this podcast is a must-listen! Thank you Carin! I am so grateful that you took a leap and followed your purpose!

Listen to be inspired!

Carin is obviously living her passion & purpose and constantly inspiring me to do the same!

Love these podcasts

Carin is truly amazing! She resonates with all my good feelings and uplifts my soul!

Thank you for helping me break free!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Carin and team! I have been listening to your podcast since last year and been inspired by every word from you and your lovely guests. I have felt stuck in my career and by listening to your advice about living our purpose and facing our fears led me to quit my job and now I am going after my passions! You are amazing and thank you for inspiring so many of us to live our purpose!

So Inspiring

Carin, you are an amazing host❤️❤️. Your podcast is life changing, I listen to your podcast everyday and I feel so better. It’s helping me to grow and be determined to fulfill my desires. Lots. If love to you❤️❤️.

Yes!! Hit subscribe

Carin is an experienced coach whose clear purpose is to empower women. Her expertise, guidance, and wisdom encourage me to reflect and think about my life and behavior from a different perspective. Thank you Carin for producing an excellent show!

Life changing

Carin thank you for everything you do and the way you empower us women. Thank you for being so honest about your life and your journey! I relate myself to you so much. Most of what you talk about I’ve personally experienced. You’ve given me more courage to be able to share my personal story. I hope to transform my pain into something greater to help others like you’ve helped me. This podcast has inspired me to fulfill my purpose in life. It has given me strength, wisdom and so much courage. I hope one day to be able to work with you. Thank you so much!! Much love from California, Palm Springs.

Amazing Podcast! MUST LISTEN!!!

Carin is so motivating and inspiring! Her podcasts are interesting with a plethora of information and get me through long commutes to appointments! Love learning and her positivity keeps me grounded and happy. So grateful for her work and her communication via the entire PurposeGirl platform!

Feel better *checked* 🇫🇷

Hi ! First THANK YOU. This podcast is helpful to feel better and get self confidence. Also, I always listen to it before, and after school, in order to motivate myself and continue to study hard. You have to listen to it. So worth it.

The Purpose Girl

Love this podcast it’s so relatable to women of all ages. Thank you for being so honest with your life situations. Keep up the great work♥️

Porche Hall

I absolutely LOVE this podcast!!! This podcast will change the world 💕. This definitely gets me going! Let’s power on!

Absolutely Love!

I absolutely love your spirit and listening to your knowledge about happiness and positive psychology. You truly have made an impact on my life. I am grateful for you.

Perfect Timing!

I found your podcast at the perfect time in my life. Transition in every area. I feel empowered to move forward with less fear.

Thank you Carin

I began listening to you a few months ago and have found much growth. I know you are being lead by a higher power to show women they can be more and it’s ok to human. You are an inspiration!

Thankful and blessed

I really cannot think of a better way to spend my time in the morning... listening to Carin has been a lifesaver. She makes me feel so normal!