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Loved it

I listened to My first episode from Carin’s pod cast and I’m hooked! Loved her energy and message!

Loving it

I listened to Carin when she did some presentations for my company, Progressive Insurance. I remember how it made me feel refreshed and energized. It’s nice to have that again!

Love this podcast!

PurposeGirl takes every woman from where she is to where she wants to go. It enables women to rise above the self-doubt that stops them from living their dreams, define their purpose in life, and move toward making it a reality. Great listening - a true inspiration.

Love It

Carin is the real deal for creating your best life. Love her and love this show.

Always amazing insight!

Carin is full of so much knowledge and perspective, and so great at helping to clarify your goals, doing so with warmth and humor every time! I wish I had these podcasts 20 years ago so I could have been living purposefully this entire time. Every time I listen to Carin, I learn something knew.

Inspiring and Empowering energy!

I am so thankful to know of someone like Carin. Everything she does for women truly comes from her heart. I absolutely love her message, her energy, and her purpose power tips... how helpful! Thank you for being you!!!

Real talk

Carin is so real! She is a happiness guru who knows that can’t be happy every day all day. Love her!

So helpful!!

Wow! I put this podcast on casually while cleaning my apartment. Next thing I knew I was sitting at my desk writing notes furiously. Carin has so many great tips that I had to stop and capture them on paper. She gave me a lot to think on and some excellent ideas that I’m excited to implement to help me move forward in my career. I’m grateful I found her!!!

Carin = Happiness Goals!

Want to be happier and live with purpose?! Carin can help you and give you the tools to do just that. I love that Carin’s approach is based on science, research, studies, etc. She’s not just speaking fluff. I’ve listened to Carin since she’s been on Wake up with Taylor and recently started working with her and I’m already seeing major changes in myself and my life. Do yourself a favor and have a listen. You won’t regret it.


Carin is inspirational and has been critical in helping me uncover and live my purpose. I love that she continues to amplify and share her energy, knowledge, kindness and passion with the world. Carin - your kindness rocks!

Rock your life and soul

Carin's enthusiasm to live a lit up life is contagious. Her actionable tips are spot on to live a fullfilled and enriching life. She is indeed THE PURPOSE GIRL.

Rockind is a Rockstar Motivator

I have worked with Carin for a long time and she never ceases to bring to me new ideas and content to push me to the next level! I can’t get enough of her knowledge and inspiration! She has the perfect mix of intellect and inspiration! So excited to have this podcast!!

Rejuvenating and Uplifting

I’ve been following Carin for quite some time now. Her energy is contagious, her perspective is expansive and she constantly challenges you to grow with her insight. A must listen for sure!

Good for the Soul!

I’ve been listening to Carin’s tips and advice for years on the Taylor Strecker Show and I’m so happy she has a podcast now. I always walk away feeling more positive, motivated and inspired. Wish I had someone like this in my 20’s but I’m making up for it now. Love!!!


It is so wonderful to have a relatable voice on the podcast waves. Carin shares her innermost fears, which are the fears of many women, in a strong, confident way. Thanks for putting yourself out there, Carin, and leading the journey!

Carin is a rockstar

You simply must let Carin become part of your world! Her advice and out look will help you become a better you. I have booked her for groups of 20, groups of 350+, gone on her retreats and have had my life changed


Carin is so inspiring & I’m loving this podcast!

Love this PurposeGirl!

Looking to find your purpose? Maybe you just need a little pick-me-up? Carin's enthusiasm is infectious and her passion will help you live your best life!

Finally !

It’s about time Carin had her own podcast. I’ve listened to her talk as a guest on radio shows and those 30 min segments were never enough. I needed more happiness from the guru herself. I’m so glad I get to receive her energy and wisdom on a weekly basis, to keep me motivated and on track of my life’s purpose. To embrace my souls passion and to take action and make my life GREAT!!

Fantastic and Practical Takeaways!

Carin is such an inspiration! She is a fierce, loving and dedicated woman to supporting women around the globe in fulfilling their dreams and purpose. I was blessed to be her student and learn so much from her about positive psychology and thus be able to find my purposeful path. She is a fastastic communicator and teacher and you will learn so much listening to her podcast. I highly recommend it!

Great content!

Caron gives great advice for living a purposeful, happy life!

Carin is an inspiration!

I've had the pleasure of attending one of Carin's retreats and I am so excited about this podcast. She is authentic and truly walks the walk. Her positive energy is contagious!

Love Carin!!!

I’ve been working and following Carin for several years. She’s amazing and a wonderful person. So glad to hear her messages on Podcasts!!

Could not be more excited for this podcast

After hearing Carin’s segments on The Taylor Strecker Show I always want more! I’m so excited to have this podcast to listen to, Carin is captivating and makes a girl think!

Life changer

Carin is absolutely phenomenal! She is every woman’s cheerleader and an absolute inspiration. She has the amazing ability to make you feel like you can conquer the world. Carin has a unique gift of encouraging women to discover their purpose and be fearless. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE....

Purposeful life

I had the pleasure of hearing Carin on the old wake up with Taylor radio show. I was hooked from day one. So inspired by this goddess ❤️

Love, love, love - it's like Carin was born for radio

Carin's voice feels like it's my friend, my confidant - the person speaking at my shoulder. I want more and more of this. Whom will she interview next? I want them all on your podcast - the people that you think I should hear! Want more and more of this....

Amazing inspiring podcast for women who want to live a purposeful life!

I haven’t even listened to all of her episodes yet but fell in love with the real, honest, compassionate and inspiring message that Carin (PurposeGirl) sends in her podcasts and interviews for women who want to live a life with purpose. 5 stars!


Carin Rockind has created a terrific podcast about purpose, happiness, and more!!! She delivers great content, knows her stuff, and is super-passionate about helping women live their best lives.

#1 podcast for finding & living your purpose!

This podcast is an extraordinary resource for simple yet transformational tools for finding and living their purpose! I learn something new and something I can use to enhance my life in every episode. If you want to FEEL ALIVE... listen to this podcast.