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This podcast gives me life!!!! Carin is so REAL! She is so open, honest, and vulnerable! I LOVE everything she shares! Cannot wait for future episodes! XOXO

Insightful and inpsiring

I've followed Carin for several years now and first learned about her on The Taylor Strecker Show (previously Wake up with Taylor). She is so inspirational and empowering. Super excited to have her on the go with me on my podcast app now so I can listen in the car and at work! The first few episodes are great, can't wait to hear more!

Your inspirational girlfriend who happens to know the science of happiness

What I love about Carin is how she keeps it real. She's authentic, vulnurable, and on the journey with us.

Must Listen!

LOVE Carin Rockind and all the positive and empowering vibes she brings to the world! So excited to have PurposeGirl available in podcast form!

Want to get going ? Listen to Carin !

Love Love this podcast ! I fell in love with Carin and her purpose when I first heard her on The radio with Taylor Strecker . She has changed my life for the better , she has given me a wonderful group of friends through her Empowered program and I know she will change yours !

So uplifting!!

I love this content & think of Carin as my own personal cheerleader!! Thank you!!

Carin is a gem!

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Carin before and I’m so glad she came out with a podcast so I can have her with me at all times! She’s so uplifting and really helps you learn how to find true happiness!