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Insight and encouragement!

I just had Carin on my podcast and I started listening to hers. She is such an inspiration and a bright ray of light. You will love her podcast and positive messages!

This podcast is a GEM!!

Carin does amazing things with this podcast. The guess she has on are so diverse and help me in both my personal and professional life. I’m always so inspired after listening. Thank you for all of the hard work you do to produce such amazing content. 🙏🏻

Insightful and Enlightening

I have been binging this podcast for about a month and it has been so refreshing hearing Carin be so authentic with sharing her own experiences, but also being an awesome host! This is a must listen❤️


I am left with chills, I am left with thankfulness for this podcast messing my thoughts, my direction, my hopes and dreams up in an audacious, positive way to finally find my purpose with her thought provoking words she speaks into us. It’s leading me to a place I never imagined. She is doing amazing things and I can hear God speaking to me through her. Loving it. Her heart, her drive, her desire to lift women up with her. Listen, listen again and again.

Delightful, Impactful Show

Carin is an incredible interviewer and inspirational thought leader re: purpose, pleasure, and joy! One of my favorite podcasts I’ve ever been invited to be on, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the large library of past episodes!

So happy to find this podcast!

I’m loving the episodes so far - so funny and relatable!

Self Love saved me

I recently shared my story on my IG page to give others hope 🙏 I almost lost my life to pain pill opiate addiction because I was ashamed and I feared the judgment of others 😐my mission is to change the stigma around mental health and addiction🥰 I am now a coach who has channeled her pain to her purpose💎.. I love your podcast 💖

I’m Excited Again!

Before Purpose Girl, I felt like I was just going through the motions. Now, after listening to just a few episodes, Carin has me excited to move forward, to live my purpose and help other women find their strength!! Highly Recommend this podcast!


YOU WILL NEVER REGRET STARTING YOUR DAY W CARIN! I love you so much Carin!!!!! Happy One Year! I started listening to you one year ago today and have NOT missed an episode since! I love you!! Keep going !! You’re my soul mate !


Ive been a Carin fan since 2015! She always brings the perfect content and she genuinely loves her clients. I especially love that she can get vulnerable even if it’s clearly uncomfortable. It shows that she’s human and that life is messy even if you are in a position of power. She’s an amazing coach and her retreats are empowering! Thank you Carin for showing up and holding space for all of us women. You are a shining gift for all women. 💝

Highly Recommended!

This is such a powerful podcast! Carin is such a motivational speaker, and her guests have such inspirational stories to share. Great listen!

Real Talk for Women

Carin’s podcast is a breath of fresh air. It’s real talk for women - no fluff - just real conversation that gets into the soul.


Awesome first listen.

Great podcast!

What a great podcast to search to find joy and meaning in your life! Carin is honest and authentic, sharing with vulnerability her story, helping women to know that joy and purpose in life can be found despite hardship. Every woman has a friend they should be telling about this podcast!

Want connection and purpose? This is for you!

Love this podcast! Carin is so thoughtful and warm. You wanna jump through your headphones and give her a hug. But it’s not just a feel-good show. It’s one that provides actionable steps and direction so you can start discovering and living toward your purpose.

Self Love saved me

I recently shared my story on my IG page to give others hope 🙏 I almost lost my life to pain pill opiate addiction because I was ashamed and I feared the judgment of others 😐my mission is to change the stigma around mental health and addiction🥰 I am now a coach who has channeled her pain to her purpose💎.. I love your podcast 💖

Lit up 🔥

I have been on a journey with Carin and what makes me keep coming back is her honesty, her love and passion, her vulnerability. She is real and raw. Every time I listen to her I am lit up and on fire ready to go! I am a goddess on purpose alum and now an empowered beauty and I can’t wait to see what else comes from being in her presence ❤️

Lights Me Up!

Listen, listen, listen! And let Carin’s honesty and vulnerability light you up too! Who talks about bottom lines and shares details like this? Carin does. I’m blown away and so grateful for her honesty. Oh, and she’s brilliant. I have a notebook of ideas after listening and I’m a two time Goddess on Purpose Girl and still learning so much! Call her, join her, and light up!!


I was looking for a podcast that was positive and uplifting. I found the purposeGirl podcast and love it! I started listening to the PurposeGirl in October of 2020. I had to go back and listen to them all starting from the first episode. Carins podcast got me through my workday. I noticed how much more positive I was in the days I listened to them. I’m all caught up now and look forward to a new one each week!

Kismet! Love this podcast!

This podcast is a must listen to if you’re looking for inspiration, authenticity and true support in your life. Carin brings all of these things together with every episode. I can’t tell you how serendipitous it is for me every time I listen to a new episode. It’s as if my heart needed to hear that specific message at that time. Carin is every woman’s biggest cheerleader and trust me, you will feel it...I know I do!

Empowering Women talk

Carin is such a beauty, compassionate and eloquent host. Her integrity is felt in the choice of guests, her responses and her balance of listening as well talking skills.

Carin is the best!

I absolutely adore Carin! She is so relatable, so inviting, so joyful and so real! I’m so grateful for her podcast. It’s nourishment for my soul!


I’ve been inspired! Makes me want more and learn more! It’s a self-discovering journey that I have a desire to continue.

So thoughtful and uplifting

I listened to your purpose podcast on my morning walk and it completely changed my energy, mood and perspective. It was so uplifting and really turned my whole day around. You are so inspiring!!

Love the energy!

I love Carin’s energy and voice! She doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects and tackles everything with kindness and compassion.

So good!

I love Carin’s emphasis on empowering women to LET GO of perfectionism and live a purpose-driven life. I’m fiiiinally starting to do that this year and it’s changing everything. The conversations Carin’s hosting about discovering purpose and taking charge of your mindset are so important (another thing I’m working on). I just discovered this podcast and I’m queuing up episodes from the archive — they all sound good but the interviews/topics with Crystal Langen and Marie Benedict are especially interesting.

Hey girl Hey

Love this story 💛💛💛Thank you for sharing Congrats on the new baby

Truly What I Needed

Carin and her mission are everything I’ve been looking for. I feel so blessed to have stumbled across her work.

Grateful for the Positivity

The moment I came across this podcast I was hopeful. I didn’t listen in order as I was having a really hard time believing in myself. I listened to conquering self doubt. As I drove in my car listening to the words I felt this overwhelming sense of calmness. I started to feel I can do this ! I am a rockstar mom I am a rockstar wife I am a rockstar !!! I have a bachelors in psychology the terminology and basic verbiage triggers my education. I started to make a mental list of my purpose to be a purpose girl. I’ve shared this episode as I know the intense positivity will help those who listen.

Click it. Listen to it. Let it change you.

I listen to this on my 3 mile walks and it’s the perfect length to listen to one episode! I am encouraged and I leave feeling so empowered. I want to know Carin and be her bestie!

Fantastic show!

A wonderful show for finding more passion and purpose in your life! Love Carin and the guests she brings on.


This has opened up a new dialogue in the way I go about my daily routine.

Carin is awesome

Great podcast and host. Carin’s topics and relevant and relatable.

Positivity and my life

This pod cast has changed my life. Thank you !!!!!!!!!

Real and relevant

From the first words Carin spoke, I felt connected to her. It felt like I was sitting down over a cup of coffee with a friend. The best description is REAL. Carin brings real and relevant issues that women and girls are dealing with in real life. She drew in my heart immediately with her stories and with her energy. Excellent show!

I’m hooked

Carin’s voice is heavenly.

This is exactly what I need

I just found Carin’s podcast and now I am going back to listen to all of them and I just LOVE her message it makes me feel empowered and strong and I’m learning so much

Inspiring and empowering!

Wow! I am so thankful I found this podcast as I was looking for a something new. Carin is relatable and empowering and truly cares about the individual listening to the podcast. Can’t wait to continue to listen!

This podcast has been such a blessing!

I randomly found this podcast as I was getting ready to go on my daily walk and I am so glad I did! I love Carin’s energy, realness and knowledge. Every time I listen to an episode I feel encouraged and feel like I can walk with practical tips I can apply in my life. As Psychology student (10 yrs. after being a stay at home mom) I love all the scientific facts, but most importantly I love how she implements her knowledge in a very practical way.

I can’t thank Carin enough

I’ve had the privilege of working with Carin as I transitioned between careers, it was an amazing experience; listening to this podcast I felt we were together again having an intimate conversation! Her energy is so much needed in the world especially now, I hope you find her an inspiration as I have!

So much love for this podcast!

Carin is such an amazing interviewer and a burst of positivity! The subjects discussed are extremely interesting, encouraging, and full of so much emotion. Could not recommend more - has become one of my favorite podcasts to listen to!

I didn’t know I needed this, can’t live without

Wow! I wish I would have found Carin sooner! I’ve struggled with low confidence, horrid body image and fear. After hearing Carin at Amazon’s women’s day event I was HOOKED!! After just a month, I’ve made huge strides in areas of my life I couldn’t even imagine! I still have growing to do but I’m on my way to my best life. I AM a goddess!! Anyone who has imposter syndrome, hates what they see in the mirror, nitpicks their body, under sells their true value in any aspect of life, etc this podcast is a must-listen! Thank you Carin! I am so grateful that you took a leap and followed your purpose!

Listen to be inspired!

Carin is obviously living her passion & purpose and constantly inspiring me to do the same!

Love these podcasts

Carin is truly amazing! She resonates with all my good feelings and uplifts my soul!

Thank you for helping me break free!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Carin and team! I have been listening to your podcast since last year and been inspired by every word from you and your lovely guests. I have felt stuck in my career and by listening to your advice about living our purpose and facing our fears led me to quit my job and now I am going after my passions! You are amazing and thank you for inspiring so many of us to live our purpose!

So Inspiring

Carin, you are an amazing host❤️❤️. Your podcast is life changing, I listen to your podcast everyday and I feel so better. It’s helping me to grow and be determined to fulfill my desires. Lots. If love to you❤️❤️.

Yes!! Hit subscribe

Carin is an experienced coach whose clear purpose is to empower women. Her expertise, guidance, and wisdom encourage me to reflect and think about my life and behavior from a different perspective. Thank you Carin for producing an excellent show!

Life changing

Carin thank you for everything you do and the way you empower us women. Thank you for being so honest about your life and your journey! I relate myself to you so much. Most of what you talk about I’ve personally experienced. You’ve given me more courage to be able to share my personal story. I hope to transform my pain into something greater to help others like you’ve helped me. This podcast has inspired me to fulfill my purpose in life. It has given me strength, wisdom and so much courage. I hope one day to be able to work with you. Thank you so much!! Much love from California, Palm Springs.

Amazing Podcast! MUST LISTEN!!!

Carin is so motivating and inspiring! Her podcasts are interesting with a plethora of information and get me through long commutes to appointments! Love learning and her positivity keeps me grounded and happy. So grateful for her work and her communication via the entire PurposeGirl platform!

Feel better *checked* 🇫🇷

Hi ! First THANK YOU. This podcast is helpful to feel better and get self confidence. Also, I always listen to it before, and after school, in order to motivate myself and continue to study hard. You have to listen to it. So worth it.

The Purpose Girl

Love this podcast it’s so relatable to women of all ages. Thank you for being so honest with your life situations. Keep up the great work♥️

Porche Hall

I absolutely LOVE this podcast!!! This podcast will change the world 💕. This definitely gets me going! Let’s power on!

Absolutely Love!

I absolutely love your spirit and listening to your knowledge about happiness and positive psychology. You truly have made an impact on my life. I am grateful for you.

Perfect Timing!

I found your podcast at the perfect time in my life. Transition in every area. I feel empowered to move forward with less fear.

Thank you Carin

I began listening to you a few months ago and have found much growth. I know you are being lead by a higher power to show women they can be more and it’s ok to human. You are an inspiration!

Thankful and blessed

I really cannot think of a better way to spend my time in the morning... listening to Carin has been a lifesaver. She makes me feel so normal!

Thank You!

Your podcast is helping me break down my walls and rebuild myself. I am thankful!

Thank you, Carin

Hey Carin Hey! The podcast is amazing! Thank you for the wonderful advice, insights, and inspiration!

Empowering and thought provoking.

Fantastic content, and great production quality. I have used tips from this podcast at work. And the Megan Jo Wilson episode is amazing. New subscriber!

So needed

OMG! I found you this am at a very low point driving to work, which I’ve been struggling with. Listened to this episode and I had the best attitude change and had a great day at work. I struggle with multitasking as I have multiple sclerosis and the words that you ladies spoke helped me immensely! Can’t wait to listen to more of your show. Thanks from the very very bottom of my heart. Skee

LOVE this podcast

This is a great podcast for women and a positive message all females can benefit from. SISTERHOOD RULES! Let’s love each other and build each other up.

Very helpful!

Carin is such a good speaker and her positive messages and therapies are real & honest! So glad I found her podcast!


Carin is amazing! She seems like a very positive heart warming person. I listen to the show on my way to and from work and every episode is always inspiring! I can’t get enough!!!


Thank u for what u do! Just started listening! On my second podcast. All the topics have something, big or little, to take away!!

Thank you 💜

I discovered this podcast after researching positive Psychology as a potential career path and wanted to hear a podcast about purpose and found this! I’m so happy I did because I feel like I can relate to your stories and to how you’ve felt more than I’ve related to anyone else. I especially resonated with the turning pain into purpose episode and started balling while listening (and I don’t cry easily). Carin, you are amazing and I am so happy you are sharing your wisdom with us all. After living through a whole lot of trauma, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your beautifully told traumatic stories. I look up to you so much, and I’m excited to keep listening and learning.

Thank You

All I have to say is .. thank you for saving my life. I was in a very dark depression because of situations going on in my life and medical problems. I started doing the 30 day journal of 3 things you’re grateful for and one thing I’m proud of. I feel completely out of the dark and back to my strong happy self. All I can say is, thank you.


Your voice is so calming and a gift from God. Literally three minutes into finding this podcast I was hooked! I know what I’ll be listening to every time I need to hear encouragement from a “friend”. Thank you


Listened to Happiness is a Choice this morning and it was everything! Such a great podcast with real-life examples and tools to reframe your negativity bias! Carin is an authentic voice in the world of positive psychology, and a gift to us all. Do yourself a solid and listen in! And join her Purpose Girl Facebook page too!!

You give us hope!

Personal stories are most touching. I love hearing your stories and your struggles. Very encouraging and loving. Totally agree that we have to support each other and lift each other up! Do you have a list of all power tips in a file?

Much Needed!

Thank You for the work you do for women

New to Podcasts, Now I’m Hooked!

I absolutely love this podcast! Carin does such an amazing job explaining the science of happiness; while also making it so relatable through sharing experiences from her life and the women she coaches. I’m new to podcasts. Since starting, I’ve been searching through various topics to find shows I like. I have not yet found another show that provides so many take always each and every time I listen!! The interview this week on financial planning was life changing. Carin brilliantly summarized each topic being covered, and asked Hillary the best questions to ensure everyone could really understand how to apply this valuable information. I’m so grateful I was introduced to Purpose Girl, and for all the time and effort Carin puts into this podcast!! Thank you!!


To say that this podcast has inspired me is the understatement of the year! My Priestess has always been clear- that I am meant to lift women up and help them find their true beauty and inner mermaid. I have recently lost myself in life and am just starting to find myself again.... Thank you so much for giving yourself to your community and helping me and so many others on this journey. I really hope to get to one of your retreats and maybe one day even start my own! ❤️❤️❤️

New to podcast love it

I’m just getting into podcast and i find this one extremely helpful especially since i have decided to make a change in my life. I find it very easy to relate to lots of this podcasts. Keep up the great work .

Speaking Our Truth!

And the truth shall set you free! Free to be who we are meant to be. Thank you, Carin, for all you say and do to empower us. I now look forward to getting in my car to drive to and from work. As soon as I get in the car, I turn on one of your podcasts and your positivity helps me to be in the right frame of mind to take such good care of myself and to spread your positive attitude to everyone I know! ❤️

Carin is killing it!!

Carin is speaking to my heart through my mind and my soul. She gets my attention with facts and intellect and before I know it my heart is on board. And my heart is where beautiful things happen!!

A podcast for ALL women!

I so appreciate the intersectional and universal treatment of feminism in this podcast! Despite being 40 years apart in age, both me and my mother can relate to, empathize with, and learn from Carin’s stories and those of her guests. Thank you!


Carin Rockind has deep knowledge on the science behind being purpose driven. I am not usually a fan of "positive thinking creates success" but this show is different. She puts it in a real world perspective with real actions. Great show!

~ Feeling Inspired ~

Love love love this podcast!!! I just started listening today and am already 6 episodes in. Start from the beginning and you’ll fall in love with it too!

Honest, Real, and Raw

I found this podcast by searching for women empowerment. Carin, you are so generous and real with your stories. I love the guests you bring on and always research them after. I appreciate the fact they are not A list celebrities talking about their entrepreneurial endeavors, not to say they are not inspiring as well, but I love the guests you choose to bring on. Thank you!

Purpose Possy!!!!

Women, we all need to make a choice every day, everywhere we are to join this group of women (and men) who support, inspire and build each other up. Carin’s podcast is where it all can start no matter where we are!


This podcast is a must listen- I feel lighter, happier and more energized every time I hear Carin’s voice. Thank you Carin!

Love Being Part of PurposeGirl!

I found Carin through the Taylor Strecker Show and I am so Grateful she has Carin as a guest! Carin is an Authentic Beautiful Human. After listening to her you can immediately see she has a genuine love for helping others in a very Real way. Thank you Carin for your Podcast. Each one teaches me something and inspires me. Your words and Guests have helped me more than I can say. Love listening each week.

The Purpose Girl Podcast

This podcast is exceptional. I absolutely rely on it to get me thru my day. I listen to it as much as possible. I’m from the Midwest, and the weather is warming up right now, so I’m also taking the Purpose Girl with me on my walks each day, too! This podcast is my “me time”. It’s helping me on my journey to self love, and happiness, and living a life of positivity. I’ve learned of new books, other influential women, anxiety in children, relationships, careers....the list goes on and on. I look forward to this podcast every single day. I follow Carin on Instagram, have joined her Facebook page, and downloaded her free informational items, too. Thank you for being there for me, and so many other women, Carin! You’re truly admired.

yes. Yes. YES!

I religiously start my morning commute with Carin. The few times I have not I can see the difference in the energy I bring to my day. I’m an adopted Pacific Island-American (Philippines [a seemly very active purpose girl country]) who survived sexual abuse & got pregnant at 16. I have only been a devoted purpose girl for a few months but every episode I have listened to I make a meaningful connection. Carin, Thank you for leaving the sharks and helping me become purposeful. You are my virtual coffee before I hit the office keurig. XO

Everything I was looking for in self-help

I found Carin’s podcast when I was beginning from scratch. It brought me out of the darkness as a secure, confident woman ready to explore my power. This was almost a year ago and I still anxiously look for the new episode every week! It is evident from the beginning that Carin is a genuine, kind, REAL woman who’s only goal is to bring women into the same empowerment she has found. Her advice is research and experience based and her guests greatly accentuate her content. This podcast is my me-time! It is the most uplifting thing to listen to. I highly recommend replaying them as you need—these tools take constant reminding and practice but SO WORTH IT!

Optimizing the mother-daughter relationship

I've just finished listening to this podcast and I am impressed! I shouldn't be surprised, since i already know Carin to be a woman of exceptional wisdom, insight and especially compassion. All three of these come shining through in this Podcast. As a man, I wasn't sure how this topic would relate to me. As a psychologist, I was interested anyhow! And what I learned went far beyond the topic of the mother-daughter relationship. These are fundamental life lessons we all can benefit from. Kudos, Carin, for the wonderful work you are doing!

Integration of the best self-growth tools

Carin's work shares a lifetime of personal experience, meaning-making, academic thought & spiritual attunement. She allows us to benefit from this gorgeous integration of understanding by making it accessable to all. Her generosity helps us to connect deeply with ourselves & each other, reminding us we are not alone on our journey. She is a true Sage. What a gift.

I love your ministry!

Hello Carin, great episode! Wow, 50th anniversary is so huge. I'm so glad I found you. Following you have kept me consistent with living intentionally. I often pride myself on inspiring others, and motovating those around me, and with my nee finding of you, you have been a tremendous blessing to my life. All of the points you mention on the 50th episode were amazing, but there were a few that really stood out to me. #8 (going to playground and swing on the swings) was my all time favorite! I've been doing this for so long and you're right, letting that inner child come out and play is so detrimental to living a healthy life. #21.. bragging about yourself. Hard to do but very important. #12..moving your body. I particularly love this one because, I love to dance;however I know that I often hold back from letting myself completely go. I am going to work hard at accomplishing this task. So I say all that to say, thank you. As #39 would have us do is to list 10 people you're grateful for, You Carin are in my 10. Thank you for being you, for loving what you do, for inspiring us, and for being intentional about building sisterhood around the world.

Empowering women to live their purpose with courage, joy, and fierce self-love.

A wonderful, powerful message about what women can do when they believe in themselves and in living life to its fullest.


This show has made me look forward to waking up and listening too it! I have had a tough time in life right now, and this podcast has helped me so much!!

Carin is real and relatable

I love listening to The PurposeGirl Podcast! I’m a busy professional with 4 kids and a full life. I listen on my drive to or from work and it is so much fun! I love how real and relatable Carin is, plus, she gives helpful tips and tools to get the most out of my life.

Wow oh wow

Stumbled upon this and decided to listen to the top favorite episodes to get a feel for it and only needed to listen to the first one to know it’s everything I needed! I cried I screamed I laughed with joy!!! Can’t wait to continue this journey. Excuse me while I binge

The positive spark I often need!!!

Carin’s overall energy and zest for life are contagious!!! Her ability to be real about life’s struggles make her so relatable and genuine.

I love this Podcast!

I found this podcast when feeling like I wanted more in life. Something just felt empty and a bit off. Since listening, Carin and the PurposeGirl Podcast have given me new life. Carin uplifts, inspires and motivates me. She has shown me how to live my purpose, how to be happier and how to feel fully alive! Listen to the PurposeGirl Podcast - you will not regret it!

Refreshing and upbeat

I stumbled across this podcast while looking for something new to listen to while training for an ultra marathon. I found it to be upbeat but calming, a refreshing change after trying some that were soooo boring. Carin seemed very genuine and said several things that really resonated with me as I’d been pushing through some injuries. Her advice to focus on how I CAN do something rather than the reasons I CAN’T sounds simple, but really struck a chord. I’ll keep listening!

An inspirational learning experience!

I always look forward to Carin’s podcast episodes. Whether she’s sharing her practical and grounded advice for uncovering your life’s purpose, or interviewing an amazing guest about their experience with finding purpose, Carin’s podcast episodes are always great opportunities to learn new things about the science of happiness and how to change your life for the better. I love her conversational style and openness to share her experiences and expertise — she is relatable and real, and so much fun to listen to! -C. Kiel

Wonderful Person

I have had the fortunate opportunity to spend time with Carin. She is a wonderful, caring person that exudes positive energy. I always feel happy and at ease when I am around her.

Loving this!!

Carin, you continue to be an inspiration to me on a daily basis. I love following your podcast and your Instagram account too! I'm so grateful to have found you almost 1 year ago. Thank you for spreading your message to us women - there's nothing we need more then sisterhood and self love too. Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing all the goods with us. So much love to you.

Finding My Purpose!

From the moment I first heard Carin's voice, I knew this woman did a lot more than talk to the talk! She shares her own personal struggles and brings other people and resources in to help empower women to stand up for theirselves, teaches women how to build their own toolbox of resources, and helps women realize we are not alone. When I started listening to Carin's podcasts, I was feeling so alone and pessimistic and believed that "this is just as good as it gets" for me and decided this was how my story was supposed to be. Carin made me realize that I am not alone, there are women all over the world that feel "stuck" just like I do. Her wisdom and message has allowed me to begin transforming my life into exactly what I want it to be! I am forever changed by Carin Rockind's message!


Listeing to The PurposeGirl Podcast is the high light of my day. Carin is so inspiring and motivating. Thank you, Carin, for living out your purpose and inspiring others to do the same!


You won’t ever find a more passionate woman who wants ALL women to uncover their purpose! She’s everything you never knew you needed. I have worked with Carin on several occasions and she has some great insight and contagious positive spirit.


Love is what I feel when I listen to this podcast! I went to goddess girls retreat and was amazed by how genuine she is! Carin is just such a strong, calming presence and I just love this podcast!

On Purpose

Don’t hesitate to follow Carin!!! She is inspiring... transparent, a realist!! As a student of hers in Positive Psychology, she brings energy to the table.. invites and encourages you to be the best that you can be..listen to her, be a student of hers.. or if she has space let her be YOUR coach!! I am thrilled to say I know and adore her! CAPP 67.1

Good Stuff

It’s important to talk about these issues. Great content!


I absolutely loved the episode on women uplifting other women! So many amazing insights. Will be sharing widely :)

Women Uplifting Other Women

This is a podcast that will inspire women to uplift other women in new, purposeful ways. So important!

Truly a gift!

Thank you for the inspiring and uplifting work you do for women! Your podcast is a gift to us all!

Researched Based / Brain Science

Carin is spot on with her research on happiness and meaning in life. I am so glad I found her work. Well informed, inspiring, authentic.

Love this podcast to keep my vibe high!

This podcast is like an espresso shot of empowerment and confidence. It’s like putting on my energetic feminine warpaint to continue my quest for a fulfilling and purpose filled life! Thanks Carin, for bringing this content to us.

I am so glad I found this podcast!

Carin has created a safe space for us, as women, to talk about things that are real. It is a place for us to uplift each other and to be reminded of what really matters. It is also a place for us to feel connected with each other, as it should be, instead of putting each other down. Thank you, Carin for creating this space for us!

Carin is AMAZING!

I’ve had the AMAZING experience of working with Carin one on one and in a group. What she did for me was nothing other than life changing and enhancing; both personally and professionally. I strongly recommend her podcasts, coaching, and groups. She is as brilliant as she is passionate, about her work, and about empowering women! GO CARIN!

Loved it!

Found Carin on Taylor Strecker show and love this pod cast. Looking forward to catching up!

Great podcast!

Thank you Carin for sharing your light! You’re such an encouragement.

So excited Carin’s message is now in Podcast form!!

I heard Carin speak on Taylor’s radio show 2 years ago & was hooked!! She is authentic, relatable & understands the struggles we go through. She is positive, but without all the fluff & mantras. Carin gives real attainable advice. Thanks for motivating me to continue on my path :))

Playful and Motivational

Carin is a gifted motivational speaker. Listening to her podcast uplifts me and speaks to me as if she was talking to me in my living room. She really cares about people and has an authentic way to connect me to my best self. I look forward to more episodes of the Purpose Girl Podcast.

Loved it

I listened to My first episode from Carin’s pod cast and I’m hooked! Loved her energy and message!

Loving it

I listened to Carin when she did some presentations for my company, Progressive Insurance. I remember how it made me feel refreshed and energized. It’s nice to have that again!

Love this podcast!

PurposeGirl takes every woman from where she is to where she wants to go. It enables women to rise above the self-doubt that stops them from living their dreams, define their purpose in life, and move toward making it a reality. Great listening - a true inspiration.

Love It

Carin is the real deal for creating your best life. Love her and love this show.

Always amazing insight!

Carin is full of so much knowledge and perspective, and so great at helping to clarify your goals, doing so with warmth and humor every time! I wish I had these podcasts 20 years ago so I could have been living purposefully this entire time. Every time I listen to Carin, I learn something knew.

Inspiring and Empowering energy!

I am so thankful to know of someone like Carin. Everything she does for women truly comes from her heart. I absolutely love her message, her energy, and her purpose power tips... how helpful! Thank you for being you!!!

Real talk

Carin is so real! She is a happiness guru who knows that can’t be happy every day all day. Love her!

So helpful!!

Wow! I put this podcast on casually while cleaning my apartment. Next thing I knew I was sitting at my desk writing notes furiously. Carin has so many great tips that I had to stop and capture them on paper. She gave me a lot to think on and some excellent ideas that I’m excited to implement to help me move forward in my career. I’m grateful I found her!!!

Carin = Happiness Goals!

Want to be happier and live with purpose?! Carin can help you and give you the tools to do just that. I love that Carin’s approach is based on science, research, studies, etc. She’s not just speaking fluff. I’ve listened to Carin since she’s been on Wake up with Taylor and recently started working with her and I’m already seeing major changes in myself and my life. Do yourself a favor and have a listen. You won’t regret it.


Carin is inspirational and has been critical in helping me uncover and live my purpose. I love that she continues to amplify and share her energy, knowledge, kindness and passion with the world. Carin - your kindness rocks!

Rock your life and soul

Carin's enthusiasm to live a lit up life is contagious. Her actionable tips are spot on to live a fullfilled and enriching life. She is indeed THE PURPOSE GIRL.

Rockind is a Rockstar Motivator

I have worked with Carin for a long time and she never ceases to bring to me new ideas and content to push me to the next level! I can’t get enough of her knowledge and inspiration! She has the perfect mix of intellect and inspiration! So excited to have this podcast!!

Rejuvenating and Uplifting

I’ve been following Carin for quite some time now. Her energy is contagious, her perspective is expansive and she constantly challenges you to grow with her insight. A must listen for sure!

Good for the Soul!

I’ve been listening to Carin’s tips and advice for years on the Taylor Strecker Show and I’m so happy she has a podcast now. I always walk away feeling more positive, motivated and inspired. Wish I had someone like this in my 20’s but I’m making up for it now. Love!!!


It is so wonderful to have a relatable voice on the podcast waves. Carin shares her innermost fears, which are the fears of many women, in a strong, confident way. Thanks for putting yourself out there, Carin, and leading the journey!

Carin is a rockstar

You simply must let Carin become part of your world! Her advice and out look will help you become a better you. I have booked her for groups of 20, groups of 350+, gone on her retreats and have had my life changed


Carin is so inspiring & I’m loving this podcast!

Love this PurposeGirl!

Looking to find your purpose? Maybe you just need a little pick-me-up? Carin's enthusiasm is infectious and her passion will help you live your best life!

Finally !

It’s about time Carin had her own podcast. I’ve listened to her talk as a guest on radio shows and those 30 min segments were never enough. I needed more happiness from the guru herself. I’m so glad I get to receive her energy and wisdom on a weekly basis, to keep me motivated and on track of my life’s purpose. To embrace my souls passion and to take action and make my life GREAT!!

Fantastic and Practical Takeaways!

Carin is such an inspiration! She is a fierce, loving and dedicated woman to supporting women around the globe in fulfilling their dreams and purpose. I was blessed to be her student and learn so much from her about positive psychology and thus be able to find my purposeful path. She is a fastastic communicator and teacher and you will learn so much listening to her podcast. I highly recommend it!

Great content!

Caron gives great advice for living a purposeful, happy life!

Carin is an inspiration!

I've had the pleasure of attending one of Carin's retreats and I am so excited about this podcast. She is authentic and truly walks the walk. Her positive energy is contagious!

Love Carin!!!

I’ve been working and following Carin for several years. She’s amazing and a wonderful person. So glad to hear her messages on Podcasts!!

Could not be more excited for this podcast

After hearing Carin’s segments on The Taylor Strecker Show I always want more! I’m so excited to have this podcast to listen to, Carin is captivating and makes a girl think!

Life changer

Carin is absolutely phenomenal! She is every woman’s cheerleader and an absolute inspiration. She has the amazing ability to make you feel like you can conquer the world. Carin has a unique gift of encouraging women to discover their purpose and be fearless. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE....

Purposeful life

I had the pleasure of hearing Carin on the old wake up with Taylor radio show. I was hooked from day one. So inspired by this goddess ❤️

Love, love, love - it's like Carin was born for radio

Carin's voice feels like it's my friend, my confidant - the person speaking at my shoulder. I want more and more of this. Whom will she interview next? I want them all on your podcast - the people that you think I should hear! Want more and more of this....

Amazing inspiring podcast for women who want to live a purposeful life!

I haven’t even listened to all of her episodes yet but fell in love with the real, honest, compassionate and inspiring message that Carin (PurposeGirl) sends in her podcasts and interviews for women who want to live a life with purpose. 5 stars!


Carin Rockind has created a terrific podcast about purpose, happiness, and more!!! She delivers great content, knows her stuff, and is super-passionate about helping women live their best lives.

#1 podcast for finding & living your purpose!

This podcast is an extraordinary resource for simple yet transformational tools for finding and living their purpose! I learn something new and something I can use to enhance my life in every episode. If you want to FEEL ALIVE... listen to this podcast.


This podcast gives me life!!!! Carin is so REAL! She is so open, honest, and vulnerable! I LOVE everything she shares! Cannot wait for future episodes! XOXO

Insightful and inpsiring

I've followed Carin for several years now and first learned about her on The Taylor Strecker Show (previously Wake up with Taylor). She is so inspirational and empowering. Super excited to have her on the go with me on my podcast app now so I can listen in the car and at work! The first few episodes are great, can't wait to hear more!

Your inspirational girlfriend who happens to know the science of happiness

What I love about Carin is how she keeps it real. She's authentic, vulnurable, and on the journey with us.

Must Listen!

LOVE Carin Rockind and all the positive and empowering vibes she brings to the world! So excited to have PurposeGirl available in podcast form!

Want to get going ? Listen to Carin !

Love Love this podcast ! I fell in love with Carin and her purpose when I first heard her on The radio with Taylor Strecker . She has changed my life for the better , she has given me a wonderful group of friends through her Empowered program and I know she will change yours !

So uplifting!!

I love this content & think of Carin as my own personal cheerleader!! Thank you!!

Carin is a gem!

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Carin before and I’m so glad she came out with a podcast so I can have her with me at all times! She’s so uplifting and really helps you learn how to find true happiness!