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About The Show

The PurposeGirl Podcast is the modern woman’s home for finding purpose and living a fulfilling life.

With a masters degree in the science of happiness, a passion for the divine feminine, and a powerful resilience through horrific traumas, Carin Rockind powerfully encourages women to rise above life’s challenges and chaos to thrive. She gets real and raw to uplift others.

Carin’s core belief in life is that every single person on earth has a unique purpose. Because no two people have the same strengths, talents, passions and experiences, each of us has a unique contribution to make in this world. Each of us has a special gift to offer. That is our purpose. And when we’re living that purpose, when we’re giving our special gift to world, we’re happy.

Through listening to powerful interviews with purposeful women, learning practical tools to live your purpose now, and gaining an understanding of the science and spirit behind purpose, The PurposeGirl Podcast will help you discover your true self, overcome obstacles, and rise to becoming the bold beautiful woman you were born to be.

Release Schedule

New episodes of The PurposeGirl Podcast are released every Thursday.

Cast & Crew

Carin Rockind: Host

Joshua Klur: Producer


Past sponsors have included:

  • Ritual Vitamins
  • FabFitFun
  • LiveHappy
  • Ana Luisa Jewelry

Quantitative & Qualitative


  • 10,000+ downloads after the first 18 episodes/150,000+ downloads after 100 episodes, 350,000+ downloads after 180 episodes...
  • Over 300 Apple Podcasts ratings, averaging 5 stars and putting us in the top 0.5% of all active podcasts
  • Individual episodes, and the podcast itself, have repeatedly ranked in the top 20 in dozens of countries around the world

What People Are Saying:

"Carin is spot on with her research on happiness and meaning in life. I am so glad I found her work. Well informed, inspiring, authentic." -- Sunshine BB on iTunes

"This podcast is like an espresso shot of empowerment and confidence. It’s like putting on my energetic feminine warpaint to continue my quest for a fulfilling and purpose filled life! Thanks Carin, for bringing this content to us." -- lifeis4living on iTunes

"I adore listening to Carin! Whether I need a boost of confidence, a taste of sisterhood, or a lightning bolt of inspiration, she is it. She leans in with honesty while leading with love and clarity. I especially appreciate her wise tools & tips!" -- Kate Tremills on iTunes

"I listen to this podcast at the gym. I know that seems strange but the empowerment and positivity I feel when listening pushes me further than I would ever go with an upbeat, powerful “workout playlist”. I have learned so much from Carin, through webinars, through conferences and this podcast is no different! Take a listen, you will not regret it!" -- jevdk from iTunes

"Carin has created a safe space for us, as women, to talk about things that are real. It is a place for us to uplift each other and to be reminded of what really matters. It is also a place for us to feel connected with each other, as it should be, instead of putting each other down. Thank you, Carin for creating this space for us!" -- Christina Malin from iTunes

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Please contact Joshua Klur: josh@purposegirl.com