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Thank You!

Your podcast is helping me break down my walls and rebuild myself. I am thankful!

Thank you, Carin

Hey Carin Hey! The podcast is amazing! Thank you for the wonderful advice, insights, and inspiration!

Empowering and thought provoking.

Fantastic content, and great production quality. I have used tips from this podcast at work. And the Megan Jo Wilson episode is amazing. New subscriber!

So needed

OMG! I found you this am at a very low point driving to work, which I’ve been struggling with. Listened to this episode and I had the best attitude change and had a great day at work. I struggle with multitasking as I have multiple sclerosis and the words that you ladies spoke helped me immensely! Can’t wait to listen to more of your show. Thanks from the very very bottom of my heart. Skee

LOVE this podcast

This is a great podcast for women and a positive message all females can benefit from. SISTERHOOD RULES! Let’s love each other and build each other up.

Very helpful!

Carin is such a good speaker and her positive messages and therapies are real & honest! So glad I found her podcast!


Carin is amazing! She seems like a very positive heart warming person. I listen to the show on my way to and from work and every episode is always inspiring! I can’t get enough!!!


Thank u for what u do! Just started listening! On my second podcast. All the topics have something, big or little, to take away!!

Thank you 💜

I discovered this podcast after researching positive Psychology as a potential career path and wanted to hear a podcast about purpose and found this! I’m so happy I did because I feel like I can relate to your stories and to how you’ve felt more than I’ve related to anyone else. I especially resonated with the turning pain into purpose episode and started balling while listening (and I don’t cry easily). Carin, you are amazing and I am so happy you are sharing your wisdom with us all. After living through a whole lot of trauma, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your beautifully told traumatic stories. I look up to you so much, and I’m excited to keep listening and learning.

Thank You

All I have to say is .. thank you for saving my life. I was in a very dark depression because of situations going on in my life and medical problems. I started doing the 30 day journal of 3 things you’re grateful for and one thing I’m proud of. I feel completely out of the dark and back to my strong happy self. All I can say is, thank you.


Your voice is so calming and a gift from God. Literally three minutes into finding this podcast I was hooked! I know what I’ll be listening to every time I need to hear encouragement from a “friend”. Thank you


Listened to Happiness is a Choice this morning and it was everything! Such a great podcast with real-life examples and tools to reframe your negativity bias! Carin is an authentic voice in the world of positive psychology, and a gift to us all. Do yourself a solid and listen in! And join her Purpose Girl Facebook page too!!

You give us hope!

Personal stories are most touching. I love hearing your stories and your struggles. Very encouraging and loving. Totally agree that we have to support each other and lift each other up! Do you have a list of all power tips in a file?

Much Needed!

Thank You for the work you do for women

New to Podcasts, Now I’m Hooked!

I absolutely love this podcast! Carin does such an amazing job explaining the science of happiness; while also making it so relatable through sharing experiences from her life and the women she coaches. I’m new to podcasts. Since starting, I’ve been searching through various topics to find shows I like. I have not yet found another show that provides so many take always each and every time I listen!! The interview this week on financial planning was life changing. Carin brilliantly summarized each topic being covered, and asked Hillary the best questions to ensure everyone could really understand how to apply this valuable information. I’m so grateful I was introduced to Purpose Girl, and for all the time and effort Carin puts into this podcast!! Thank you!!


To say that this podcast has inspired me is the understatement of the year! My Priestess has always been clear- that I am meant to lift women up and help them find their true beauty and inner mermaid. I have recently lost myself in life and am just starting to find myself again.... Thank you so much for giving yourself to your community and helping me and so many others on this journey. I really hope to get to one of your retreats and maybe one day even start my own! ❤️❤️❤️

New to podcast love it

I’m just getting into podcast and i find this one extremely helpful especially since i have decided to make a change in my life. I find it very easy to relate to lots of this podcasts. Keep up the great work .

Speaking Our Truth!

And the truth shall set you free! Free to be who we are meant to be. Thank you, Carin, for all you say and do to empower us. I now look forward to getting in my car to drive to and from work. As soon as I get in the car, I turn on one of your podcasts and your positivity helps me to be in the right frame of mind to take such good care of myself and to spread your positive attitude to everyone I know! ❤️

Carin is killing it!!

Carin is speaking to my heart through my mind and my soul. She gets my attention with facts and intellect and before I know it my heart is on board. And my heart is where beautiful things happen!!

A podcast for ALL women!

I so appreciate the intersectional and universal treatment of feminism in this podcast! Despite being 40 years apart in age, both me and my mother can relate to, empathize with, and learn from Carin’s stories and those of her guests. Thank you!


Carin Rockind has deep knowledge on the science behind being purpose driven. I am not usually a fan of "positive thinking creates success" but this show is different. She puts it in a real world perspective with real actions. Great show!

~ Feeling Inspired ~

Love love love this podcast!!! I just started listening today and am already 6 episodes in. Start from the beginning and you’ll fall in love with it too!

Honest, Real, and Raw

I found this podcast by searching for women empowerment. Carin, you are so generous and real with your stories. I love the guests you bring on and always research them after. I appreciate the fact they are not A list celebrities talking about their entrepreneurial endeavors, not to say they are not inspiring as well, but I love the guests you choose to bring on. Thank you!

Purpose Possy!!!!

Women, we all need to make a choice every day, everywhere we are to join this group of women (and men) who support, inspire and build each other up. Carin’s podcast is where it all can start no matter where we are!


This podcast is a must listen- I feel lighter, happier and more energized every time I hear Carin’s voice. Thank you Carin!

Love Being Part of PurposeGirl!

I found Carin through the Taylor Strecker Show and I am so Grateful she has Carin as a guest! Carin is an Authentic Beautiful Human. After listening to her you can immediately see she has a genuine love for helping others in a very Real way. Thank you Carin for your Podcast. Each one teaches me something and inspires me. Your words and Guests have helped me more than I can say. Love listening each week.

The Purpose Girl Podcast

This podcast is exceptional. I absolutely rely on it to get me thru my day. I listen to it as much as possible. I’m from the Midwest, and the weather is warming up right now, so I’m also taking the Purpose Girl with me on my walks each day, too! This podcast is my “me time”. It’s helping me on my journey to self love, and happiness, and living a life of positivity. I’ve learned of new books, other influential women, anxiety in children, relationships, careers....the list goes on and on. I look forward to this podcast every single day. I follow Carin on Instagram, have joined her Facebook page, and downloaded her free informational items, too. Thank you for being there for me, and so many other women, Carin! You’re truly admired.

yes. Yes. YES!

I religiously start my morning commute with Carin. The few times I have not I can see the difference in the energy I bring to my day. I’m an adopted Pacific Island-American (Philippines [a seemly very active purpose girl country]) who survived sexual abuse & got pregnant at 16. I have only been a devoted purpose girl for a few months but every episode I have listened to I make a meaningful connection. Carin, Thank you for leaving the sharks and helping me become purposeful. You are my virtual coffee before I hit the office keurig. XO

Everything I was looking for in self-help

I found Carin’s podcast when I was beginning from scratch. It brought me out of the darkness as a secure, confident woman ready to explore my power. This was almost a year ago and I still anxiously look for the new episode every week! It is evident from the beginning that Carin is a genuine, kind, REAL woman who’s only goal is to bring women into the same empowerment she has found. Her advice is research and experience based and her guests greatly accentuate her content. This podcast is my me-time! It is the most uplifting thing to listen to. I highly recommend replaying them as you need—these tools take constant reminding and practice but SO WORTH IT!