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March 16, 2023

230 Stoking the Fire Within

I recently got back from leading my Wild Woman Retreat in Puerto Rico, and I’m just gonna own it… It was AMAZING! I really do lead the best women’s retreats! Together we embraced the wild parts of ourselves, those parts …

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March 9, 2023

229 Celebrating International Women's Day!

If you’re listening to my podcast, you know that I am all about women -- uplifting, educating, empowering, inspiring, and bringing together women. And yet it was only a few years ago that I learned about International Women’s Day! It’s …

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Feb. 28, 2023

Bonus Episode - The Women's Day Event 2023: WOMANFEST

Just dropping into your podcast feed a brief announcement for The Women’s Day Event: WOMANFEST, a 5-hour live event, held on Zoom, March 10, 2023, in honor of International Women’s Day! WOMANFEST is a free event to celebrate the power …

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Feb. 24, 2023

228 The Joy Genius with Lisa Payne

We’re every age we’ve ever been, and we carry with us the hurts from the younger versions of ourselves. To really become the powerful woman we were born to be we need to heal those wounds, we need to mother …

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Feb. 9, 2023

227 Shifting from Little Girl to WOMAN

Deep down inside of us, and affecting who we are and the choices we make, is the 5-year old we once were, the 12-year old we used to be… We are every age we’ve ever been, and sometimes we can …

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Jan. 26, 2023

226 Vulvalicious! with Khadoma Colomby

Honesty time… how do you feel about your Pussy? (Vulva/Yoni/Vagina) Growing up, I was worried that mine looked weird and smelled funky. Sound familiar? I never looked at “her” - except when there was an “issue.” Years later, I started …

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Jan. 20, 2023

225 The Year of WOMAN

I recently sent a survey to my newsletter list because I wanted to better understand what struggles and challenges women in this community are dealing with, so I can better help. In today’s episode I’m posing those questions to you …

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Jan. 6, 2023

224 Scare Your Soul with Scott Simon

Many of us have regular meditation practices or gratitude practices. I do, and they’re such an important part of my being present, and my living grounded and with appreciation for what I have. However, how many of us have a …

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Dec. 30, 2022

End of Year Ritual

At the end of every year, I always spend time going through a particular ritual that helps me celebrate what was really good in the past year, look back at what I learned, and ask myself what do I want …

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Dec. 19, 2022

222 What is PRIESTESS?

Leadership in the feminine is desperately needed, now more than ever. With the chaos engulfing our world in so many ways, we need more women rising in their power and leading from the feminine, instead of the toxic masculinity that …

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Dec. 8, 2022

221 Why Fitness is a Social Justice Issue with Natalia Mehlman Petrze…

Here in the United States we have an obsession with exercise, at the same time that we have an obesity epidemic. People are often judged based on whether or not, and how much, they exercise. And yet, there are systems …

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Dec. 1, 2022

220 How to Free the WILD Woman Inside

Like most women, I can struggle with self-doubt and question my own choices. But deep down inside I typically know what I really want to do. Deep inside all of us is the wisdom to know who we really are, …

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Nov. 18, 2022

219 A Guided Meditation on Gratitude

As we approach Thanksgiving here in the US, I’ve created a guided meditation to help you: Refocus on your gratitude Go into your heart, soul, mind, and body Recalibrate around what is good Recenter on what you truly desire Prepare …

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Nov. 11, 2022

218 Battling Burnout

So many women I know, both friends and clients, are feeling extremely burned out, and I am right there with them. I hit a sort of rock bottom with my own burnout recently, despite the fact that I practice a …

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Nov. 3, 2022

217 How to Write Your Book with Kathryn Britton

So many people I know have a book inside them that they want to get out. I know it’s been true for me for so many years! And yet, getting that book done can be so intimidating! In today’s episode, …

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Oct. 27, 2022

216 Happiness: The Masterclass

On October 18 I held “Happiness: The Masterclass,” a free event for Women’s Happiness Day. This was such an impactful event, and we got such wonderful feedback on it, that I decided to release the audio of it as a …

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Oct. 20, 2022

215 The Modern Goddess Project with Diana Ringquist

Every feel like you’re interested in, passionate about, several things, and because of that you’re not sure how to get moving on anything? The term “multipassionate” has become more popular in recent years, and my guest today, Diana Ringquist,...

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Oct. 13, 2022

214 Happiness Hacks in Honor of Women's Happiness Day

I’ve been very open about my fertility journey and the devastating miscarriages that I’ve endured. Born from the ashes of my second miscarriage, though, was the idea for Women’s Happiness Day, which we’ll be celebrating in just a few short...

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Sept. 29, 2022

213 The Woman They Could Not Silence with Kate Moore

Every so often we read a book that touches us so deeply, so profoundly, that we find ourselves telling everyone we know that they MUST read this book. This is exactly what happened when I read The Woman They Could …

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Sept. 23, 2022

212 Teaching Girls About Their Bodies with Lisa Klein

When I was a little girl, I, like most young girls, was sorely lacking a clear understanding of my own body, how it worked, what changes I could expect it to undergo, and so much more. I learned some things …

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Sept. 16, 2022

211 The End of PurposeGirl... Welcome to The Institute of WOMAN

Sister, big changes are coming… for me. For you. For US. After 12 years as PurposeGirl, the name no longer fits. I’m not a “Girl” – I’m WOMAN. WE are WOMAN. So, I’m excited to share that that PurposeGirl is …

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Sept. 2, 2022

210 Anything is Possible Italy Update

I have been traveling and working for the past month in Italy. It's been fun and hard at times, but I am truly living a vision board. It's been a dream trip, even with the reality of traveling with a …

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July 28, 2022

209 Sisterhood is the Medicine the World Needs with Kelly Mahalak

If you’re like me, like so many of my clients, like so many women today, then sometimes, maybe even often, you feel isolated or lonely. Women were meant to go through life in community with other women, but there’s been …

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July 22, 2022

208 A Very Personal Update

These last few months have been full of turmoil, both politically here in the US and personally, in my own life. Last year held some of the highest highs for me. This year… some of the lowest lows. And so, …

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