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March 14, 2021

148 Highlights from The Women's Day Event

148 Highlights from The Women's Day Event

OH. MY. GODDESSSSSS!!! The Women’s Day Event was OFF THE CHARTTTSSS!!!! It was extraordinary! Life-changing! Magical!!. It was EVERYTHING all wrapped into one amazing powerful empowering fabulous fun event and I’m soooo grateful and proud and...

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OH. MY. GODDESSSSSS!!! The Women’s Day Event was OFF THE CHARTTTSSS!!!! It was extraordinary! Life-changing! Magical!!. It was EVERYTHING all wrapped into one amazing powerful empowering fabulous fun event and I’m soooo grateful and proud and overwhelmed with joy. Imagine a full day of the best, most real, most raw, inspiring, motivating, enlivening speakers and dance classes possible empowering YOU all day. Imagine a day of Sisterhood where you were encouraged and supported by like hearted women like you from around the world! Imagine a day where you laughed and cried and ROSE UP as the freaking GODDESS ON PURPOSE you were born to be!!!

Women said it was the best day of their lives. The most magical and inspiring experience they’ve ever had. They said they left ready to “take up space,” “make purpose non-negotiable,” and #DOTHEDAMNTHING!

If you missed it, no worries because in this episode of The PurposeGirl Podcast, I give you the play by play of the event including many of the nuggets of wisdom and inspiration for you to take with you. Plus, at the end of the episode, I give you Purpose Power tips in the form of journal prompts that you do NOT want to miss!

I also share the secret behind-the-scenes… Like how I felt the night before (SPOILER: It wasn’t pretty – hello TERRIFIED)… and I share how I got through it to run the BIGGEST Women’s Day Event on the planet. Specifically, in this episode, you’ll get:

  • The very real raw feelings of fear I had and how I got through it so you can too
  • What it took to put on a large event
  • How you can “create your own stage” and live every dream you want
  • How I got amazing abs 8 months postpartum!
  • Must-have nuggets of wisdom from New York Times best selling authors and world renowned leaders.
  • How you can watch the replay and get forever access

Get your All Access Pass with forever access to the speakers, panels, and fitness classes by going to thewomensdayevent.com. If you paid for all these speakers and classes, it would be over $1000, but it’s on sale now for only $197. With the All Access Pass, you get forever access to all sessions (12 hours of content!), the ability learn from 25 speakers and classes, the Goddess Resource Guide that has ADDITIONAL trainings for you, including on Grief, Sexuality, Health, Sales, How to write a book, Purpose AND the opportunity to get FREE COACHING from genius coaches! That would be more than $2000 alone, but it’s included for free with your All Access Pass! ANDDDD to make it even better, for every purchase of the All Access Pass, we’re donating a portion to the Power of Girlhood, our not-for-profit partner who gives leadership, academic and social skills to girls with promise in underserved areas and communities of Detroit. So by investing in yourself with this All Access Pass, you invest in the girls of the future. What could be more amazing??!!! Get it now at thewomensdayevent.com.

SPECIAL THANKS to our sponsors, Insight (https://www.insight.com/) and Live Happy (https://www.livehappy.com/). We couldn’t have done this without you. Also thank you to our amazing speakers, affiliates on the Launch Squad , my incredible team who made it seamless and made it easy for our speakers, and to our ASL interpreters!! You all ROCK!! You all show me that it takes a village and we’re sooo much better together!

Also, coming soon… I’m announcing THE Goddess on Purpose course – the only course that empowers you to RISE UP as the powerful feminine leader on purpose, feeling alive and sexy in your body, elevated in your spirit and making a massive impact on the world. Coming soon!

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May you live purposefully, may you love yourself, and may you love life!!

Bye for now!