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Jan. 14, 2021

140 Answering the Call Within

140 Answering the Call Within

That inner voice is calling to you – will you answer? Inside each of us is the call of the Goddess, or as I like to say, a purpose; something we were all meant to do and meant to be. This call is powerful beyond measure, and if you listen to it and...

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That inner voice is calling to you – will you answer? Inside each of us is the call of the Goddess, or as I like to say, a purpose; something we were all meant to do and meant to be. This call is powerful beyond measure, and if you listen to it and really pay attention to what is being told to you, it will not only guide your life, but provide the opportunity, too. This has manifested for me in creating PurposeGirls – my calling is to inspire, and to light women up. Today’s incredible, passionate, brilliant guest has listened to her calling – as she says – from the moment she could think.

Nicole Ansari is an award-winning actor, director, writer and producer who has been living her purpose since before she even knew it was an active decision to do so. When you live in alignment, the opportunities come – and Nicole is the living example of that happening.

In this episode, Nicole and I talk about:

  • Nicole’s incredible journey of discovering her calling, answering the damn phone, and living it every day.
  • How to learn to understand the signals you are getting – both internal and external - so you can find and live in your own calling and purpose.
  • Positive evidence of someone who has found success – even in a potentially challenging industry! – living in her purpose, so you know you can also live in yours.
  • Juicy details about Nicole’s newest project:


About Nicole Ansari:

Nicole Ansari’s professional life began in her teens as an actor in Tatort, an iconic German Cop TV series. Ansari studied with the late legendary Uta Hagen, of HB Studios, with Susan Batson at the Actors Studio in NYC and at the Stage School of Dance and Drama in Hamburg. After two feature films for German TV, her first professional engagement was with the Repertory company Neumarkt Theater in Zurich. Following this, she joined the famed Théâtre du Soleil under the direction of Ariane Mnouchkine, in Paris and on a European tour. Her next steps led to being a guest star at the Public Theatre in Vienna in leading roles, multiple arthouse movies and TV shows, including HBO’s Deadwood. She continued on to London’s West End and Broadway, performing with her husband Brian Cox, and eventually creating a home base in New York.

Ansari co-produced two feature Films; “Blumenthal”, a comedy in the New York Theatre world, starring her husband Brian Cox and the thriller “As Good As Dead” with Andy McDowell. Adding to her CV as Co-producer + director, is the short documentary “Padim at PS3” about the Arts program in a NYC public school and the web series “Messy”. Messy has garnered numerous awards on the festival circuit including Best Director and Best Dramedy at the British Web Awards; Best Web Series at the NY International Film Awards, and best Web Series at the Chicago Independent Film Awards. As a director, Nicole also worked with the Rubin Museum of Art and NY Women in Film.

Ansari’s lifelong interest in the healing arts brought her to study and train with some of the great teachers of our time. She is a certified Yoga Therapist, Kundalini Yoga, Pre and Postnatal Yoga Instructor, a Life Coach, Theta healing practitioner and a feminine movement teacher. She also has an online Hemp business.

Storytelling, for her, is a healing art and she has been merging her interests in helping others to live a passionate life fueled by their wild, authentic self. Nicole has created ACTORS RISING, a program for actors and speakers merging the spiritual path with the Arts. Connect at www.nicoleansari.com

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