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Carin is EveryWoman

These words popped into my mind when I started to write this review, but I had to double-check the meaning: every(wo)man is an ordinary and humble protagonist whose benign conduct fosters the audience to identify with her. Maybe not ordinary, but all the rest fits. Carin speaks out for all women while still honoring our differences. Practically any woman can find podcasts here that pierce the heart and elevate the soul.

I love purposegirl

I found this podcast by accident, and I am in love. I love purposegirl. She is such a helpful queen, and I can’t wait to implement her guidance.

Great theme!

It's timely and refreshing to see a podcast inviting women to join and support each other! It's a beatituful invitation to shed restrictive social messages and move towards recognizing and offering one's talents. Thank you Carin for sharing your process so boldly!

Carin is magic!

Everything Carin does is magic. She sees and understands women in such a unique way. Listening to her makes me feel less alone in the world.

Insight and encouragement!

I just had Carin on my podcast and I started listening to hers. She is such an inspiration and a bright ray of light. You will love her podcast and positive messages!

This podcast is a GEM!!

Carin does amazing things with this podcast. The guess she has on are so diverse and help me in both my personal and professional life. I’m always so inspired after listening. Thank you for all of the hard work you do to produce such amazing content. 🙏🏻

Insightful and Enlightening

I have been binging this podcast for about a month and it has been so refreshing hearing Carin be so authentic with sharing her own experiences, but also being an awesome host! This is a must listen❤️


I am left with chills, I am left with thankfulness for this podcast messing my thoughts, my direction, my hopes and dreams up in an audacious, positive way to finally find my purpose with her thought provoking words she speaks into us. It’s leading me to a place I never imagined. She is doing amazing things and I can hear God speaking to me through her. Loving it. Her heart, her drive, her desire to lift women up with her. Listen, listen again and again.

Delightful, Impactful Show

Carin is an incredible interviewer and inspirational thought leader re: purpose, pleasure, and joy! One of my favorite podcasts I’ve ever been invited to be on, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the large library of past episodes!

So happy to find this podcast!

I’m loving the episodes so far - so funny and relatable!

Self Love saved me

I recently shared my story on my IG page to give others hope 🙏 I almost lost my life to pain pill opiate addiction because I was ashamed and I feared the judgment of others 😐my mission is to change the stigma around mental health and addiction🥰 I am now a coach who has channeled her pain to her purpose💎.. I love your podcast 💖

I’m Excited Again!

Before Purpose Girl, I felt like I was just going through the motions. Now, after listening to just a few episodes, Carin has me excited to move forward, to live my purpose and help other women find their strength!! Highly Recommend this podcast!


YOU WILL NEVER REGRET STARTING YOUR DAY W CARIN! I love you so much Carin!!!!! Happy One Year! I started listening to you one year ago today and have NOT missed an episode since! I love you!! Keep going !! You’re my soul mate !


Ive been a Carin fan since 2015! She always brings the perfect content and she genuinely loves her clients. I especially love that she can get vulnerable even if it’s clearly uncomfortable. It shows that she’s human and that life is messy even if you are in a position of power. She’s an amazing coach and her retreats are empowering! Thank you Carin for showing up and holding space for all of us women. You are a shining gift for all women. 💝

Highly Recommended!

This is such a powerful podcast! Carin is such a motivational speaker, and her guests have such inspirational stories to share. Great listen!

Real Talk for Women

Carin’s podcast is a breath of fresh air. It’s real talk for women - no fluff - just real conversation that gets into the soul.


Awesome first listen.

Great podcast!

What a great podcast to search to find joy and meaning in your life! Carin is honest and authentic, sharing with vulnerability her story, helping women to know that joy and purpose in life can be found despite hardship. Every woman has a friend they should be telling about this podcast!

Want connection and purpose? This is for you!

Love this podcast! Carin is so thoughtful and warm. You wanna jump through your headphones and give her a hug. But it’s not just a feel-good show. It’s one that provides actionable steps and direction so you can start discovering and living toward your purpose.

Self Love saved me

I recently shared my story on my IG page to give others hope 🙏 I almost lost my life to pain pill opiate addiction because I was ashamed and I feared the judgment of others 😐my mission is to change the stigma around mental health and addiction🥰 I am now a coach who has channeled her pain to her purpose💎.. I love your podcast 💖

Lit up 🔥

I have been on a journey with Carin and what makes me keep coming back is her honesty, her love and passion, her vulnerability. She is real and raw. Every time I listen to her I am lit up and on fire ready to go! I am a goddess on purpose alum and now an empowered beauty and I can’t wait to see what else comes from being in her presence ❤️

Lights Me Up!

Listen, listen, listen! And let Carin’s honesty and vulnerability light you up too! Who talks about bottom lines and shares details like this? Carin does. I’m blown away and so grateful for her honesty. Oh, and she’s brilliant. I have a notebook of ideas after listening and I’m a two time Goddess on Purpose Girl and still learning so much! Call her, join her, and light up!!


I was looking for a podcast that was positive and uplifting. I found the purposeGirl podcast and love it! I started listening to the PurposeGirl in October of 2020. I had to go back and listen to them all starting from the first episode. Carins podcast got me through my workday. I noticed how much more positive I was in the days I listened to them. I’m all caught up now and look forward to a new one each week!

Kismet! Love this podcast!

This podcast is a must listen to if you’re looking for inspiration, authenticity and true support in your life. Carin brings all of these things together with every episode. I can’t tell you how serendipitous it is for me every time I listen to a new episode. It’s as if my heart needed to hear that specific message at that time. Carin is every woman’s biggest cheerleader and trust me, you will feel it...I know I do!

Empowering Women talk

Carin is such a beauty, compassionate and eloquent host. Her integrity is felt in the choice of guests, her responses and her balance of listening as well talking skills.

Carin is the best!

I absolutely adore Carin! She is so relatable, so inviting, so joyful and so real! I’m so grateful for her podcast. It’s nourishment for my soul!


I’ve been inspired! Makes me want more and learn more! It’s a self-discovering journey that I have a desire to continue.

So thoughtful and uplifting

I listened to your purpose podcast on my morning walk and it completely changed my energy, mood and perspective. It was so uplifting and really turned my whole day around. You are so inspiring!!

Love the energy!

I love Carin’s energy and voice! She doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects and tackles everything with kindness and compassion.

So good!

I love Carin’s emphasis on empowering women to LET GO of perfectionism and live a purpose-driven life. I’m fiiiinally starting to do that this year and it’s changing everything. The conversations Carin’s hosting about discovering purpose and taking charge of your mindset are so important (another thing I’m working on). I just discovered this podcast and I’m queuing up episodes from the archive — they all sound good but the interviews/topics with Crystal Langen and Marie Benedict are especially interesting.